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Meet Dr. Gena Marie Mastrogianakis, M.D.

A Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician

Her undergraduate studies in Clinical Laboratory Science and Molecular Cell Biology were
completed at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. Her medical studies were abroad
at St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in England. Her Family Medicine residency was
accomplished at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her education has continued after residency
and include training through the Institute of Functional Medicine, The American Academy for Anti-
Aging Medicine (A4M) and Harper Restoration Systems.

Dr. Mastrogianakis spent 5 years in research, between medical school and residency, at Emory’s
Winship Cancer Institute. She was the Senior Project Manager for the NIH Pilot Study, The Cancer
Genome Atlas. In this role she worked with the Emory Neurosurgical Research Team.

Dr. Mastrogianakis’ focus is on helping people reach their full health potential and helping people
heal from basic and life altering medical problems. Many patients who seek Dr. Mastrogianakis' care
have usually been cared for by many other physicians and have no or incomplete answers to their
medical concerns. In general, patients seek her care because she is a Board-Certified Family
Physician who has specialty training and expertise Functional Medicine.
 Her blend
of training in both allopathic and holistic medicine make her a unique physician.

Of note, Dr. Mastrogianakis views health on a continuum. She doesn’t believe you either have it or
don’t. There is a scale on which we all slide, and some days health is optimal, and other days it is
not and so on and so forth. Your individual health goals will be discussed in your appointments and
be the focal point. Dr. Mastrogianakis’ goal is for you is to live with the highest level of health most
days of your life. Exactly what that looks like is different for every patient.

Dr. Mastrogianakis believes health is achieved when the body systems are in balance and there is
optimal daily nutrition. The foundational body systems are gastrointestinal (digestion/absorption), hormone, immune , elimination and detoxification. The mental emotional balance of every patient affects all body systems and needs to be balanced in order to achieve optimal health. Emotional health is discussed with every patient and Dr. Mastrogianakis will seek to make a treatment plan that includes mental health.

Her areas of expertise are in natural therapies for chronic medical problems, lifestyle interventions,
thyroid, adrenal and gonadal hormone balancing / replacement, gastrointestinal tract health and
immune optimization to name a few. Dr. Mastrogianakis is a Family Physician at heart and will take
care of most medical complaints you have, just like a Primary Care Physician does. The difference is
her evaluation of your medical complaint is viewed through the lens of whole person systems. With
every medical symptom Dr. Mastrogianakis seeks to connect the dots and trace them back to their
origin and their inciting factors. This is called root cause analysis, and this is the method of problem
solving she implores.

Treatment plans are made based on the root problems that are identified. Every patient plan looks
different, however supporting the main body systems is usually where she starts because she believes
this is the foundation of health. If the foundation is not established, then true health cannot be

obtained and maintained. Treatment plans take time to implement and require a level of
commitment from the patient, as well as from Dr. Mastrogianakis. She will work with every patient
as closely as the patient requires, and while treatments protocols are implemented. The goal in treating
every patient is to support body systems and biochemistry, so the symptoms are eliminated, and
health can be optimized. If you have other health goals, please share these in your appointment.

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