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COVID-19 Recommendations from Dr. Mastrogianakis

First and foremost, I want to encourage you not to fear! The current situation with COVID-19 does deserve attention and I strongly recommend you use wisdom in how you are currently living your life and going through your day. It would be prudent to follow these recommendations for the foreseeable future.

1. Wash your hands. Soap, warm water, lather up and wash for a full Happy Birthday Song (approximately 30 seconds). Wash when you go out and when you come in. Wash before you eat. Remember, these are standard recommendations that you should follow in everyday life, not just in a season such as this.

2. Don't touch your face, eyes or mouth. This infection is a respiratory infection and gets in through your mucus membranes. Help your children with their hygiene as well. It’s more difficult for them to follow without guidance.

3. If you feel sick, stay home. Also separate yourself from others in your home, including your pets. Use a separate bathroom if possible, for the duration of your sickness.

4. Limit travel and large gatherings.

It is in our power to halt the spread of this infection by following the recommendations which will protect our vulnerable populations.

It is also worth noting that most healthy people who get this virus will get cold symptoms and recover without consequence or needing urgent/emergent care.

Below is a link to the CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19

What to do if you feel sick?

1. Call your Primary Care Doctors office if you feel like you have a cold, but do not have any difficulty with breathing or shortness of breath. More tests are becoming available because the President has declared a National Emergency. Tests may not be available today at your doctor’s office, but they will be very soon.

2. I am not currently seeing patients in the office and I do not have access to any COVID-19 lab tests. If you would like to have an appointment with me, we can do so virtually. You can call me at 352-559-3004 or email me to get scheduled.

3. If you are sick AND feel shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, go to the Emergency Room or call 911. Emergency rooms can test patients through the Department of Health. However not everyone is tested if they have basic cold symptoms because of the limited supply of tests at the current moment.

I recommend that you continue, or adopt, a healthy eating plan full of fresh fruits and vegetables. The USDA recommends 13 servings of fruits and veggies EVERY day! Not every other day or every few days, but every day.

Click these links to understand what a serving size looks like.

The reason 13 servings are recommended is because foods have phytonutrients (plant nutrients) which include vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory substances. These nutrients are ESSENTIAL for healthy bodies. Every cellular process in the body DEPENDS on nutrients in order to work. If you have nutritional deficiencies, some cellular processes get halted. When one cellular process suffers for the lack of nutrients, backup systems start over-working and eventually can’t keep up. Then your cells suffer. When cells suffer you develop symptoms and disease. Plant nutrients are of utmost importance.

If you are unable to get your daily recommended 13 servings every day, you may consider adding Juice Plus® to your healthy eating plan. Juice Plus® provides you with FOOD. Vegetables and fruit, in capsules or gummies to help bridge the gap between what you DO eat every day and what you SHOULD eat every day so your cells and body can work efficiently. My family has been using this product consistently for over a year.

For more information, research and to order please visit and click on the Juice Plus® link.

Also, if you are looking for Immune Boosting supplements, I have created a kit on Kaerwell where I sell my physician grade supplements.

***Please be advised***

This is a generalized immune supporting protocol. This does not take into account food or supplement allergies or sensitivities. It is YOUR responsibility to look thoroughly at all ingredients BEFORE you purchase these supplements.

To access the kit of immune boosting supplements go to and click on the Kaerwell logo.

First time patients use access code "Gena" to register. Take $5 off your order by entering voucher code "Mastro" at checkout. If you need help or would like to place your order over the phone please call 888-301-9009.

Lastly, continue your exercise regimen. You may not be able to go to the facility where you normally exercise but that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. You can be fit and active right in your own home. So keep up your exercise routine, and if you don’t have one, go for a nice walk daily and stretch. The weather here in Georgia is great, we don’t have any rain today! And we all know you can find anything on YouTube, so within your fitness level, find a video that helps walk you through stretching and movement.

​Remember, do not give into fear. I know it is easy to do! It's harder to fight it instead of just giving in. I'm having to fight against this also. Fear causes a stress reaction in the body that increases cortisol levels, which is not a good state for our bodies to be in.

Consider doing a daily meditation to calm your nervous system and calm your mind. I use the Abide app, which is faith based. Calm app is another wonderful resource. My last recommendation is to listen to healing frequencies. I use Wholetones in my house DAILY. You can find more information at this link and get a digital download so you can start listening immediately.

Fear is having faith that something bad WILL happen. Instead put your Faith in a coming good, that although difficult times are upon us, ​we can stand firm and overcome and good can come out of this.

My Faith is in Jesus Christ. That He is over all and in all things.

His perfect love casts out all fear. (1 John 4:18)

God did not give us a spirit of fear, but {a Spirit} of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Stand firm friend. Be wise, protect yourself with good hygiene, proper nutrition, daily movement and following the CDC guidelines at the link above. Gird yourself with a sound mind and fight against fear.

I am praying for all my patients, my community, and the country which includes you!

Blessing and health cover you and your loved ones,

Dr. Gena Mastrogianakis

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