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Life Moves Fast...

and isn't always predictable.  If health issues are slowing you down,

I am here to help

Is your health holding you back?

I'm Dr. Gena Mastrogianakis, M.D. If your health is keeping you from living the life you love, I'm here to show you that you don't have to settle for less than great health.

My patients often come to me after getting the medical "run-around"

Numerous doctors...Ineffective prescriptions...Unnecessary procedures...and yet their problems persist. 

If this sounds like your story, and you're:

Suffering from unresolved health issues
Struggling with low energy, hormonal or age related limitations
Active, and want to be at your best as long as you can

Contact me today

A different patient experience

I’m a board certified Family Physician (M.D.), with advanced training in Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Restorative Systems. 


What that means for you is that I bring a much more current and comprehensive set of tools to your care, and you’ll experience the difference immediately.  


Your goals take center stage. Together we’ll explore the many factors contributing to your current state of health.

Whole Person

I take a holistic approach to your health, evaluating your body systems, lifestyle, emotional health, stress and relaxation. I care about it all.

Root Cause

Rather than chasing symptoms, I focus on finding the root cause, and create a treatment plan to address that.


My therapies prioritize whole food nutrition, herbs, detoxification, movement, emotional balance and relaxation to achieve health.

And because my focus is on you...

Appointments last as long as you need them to

Questions are encouraged, and I'll explain things in plain English

We'll communicate in whatever way is convenient for you

(in person, over the phone, through email or video)

If this is the kind of experience you’re looking for, contact me today to get started.

Medical Services Designed for Today

Our modern lives present many new health challenges that just weren’t an issue

30 years ago. The most common medical concerns I encounter are a result of stressful, fast paced lives and an environment that is toxic to our bodies.

I offer individualized testing and natural solutions to these 21st century challenges.

Solutions to:

Poor digestive health

Hormone Imbalance

(Thyroid, adrenal and hormone)

Altered Immune function

Low energy

Cardiometabolic abnormalities

Vitality Services
Perform & Feel Your Best

Detoxification and fasting

Ozone treatments to rejuvenate Joint health

Combating inflammation from over-training

Faster recover post work out

Natural skin enhancements

As a Family Physician I see patients of all ages and at every stage of life

tube 2-02.png

Stool analysis

Adrenal Curve

Thyroid and Sex Hormones

Food Sensitivity

Oxidation and inflammation

Immune System Health

Cholesterol and Lipoprotein profile

Metabolism and Insulin resistance

Omega Index

Vitamin and mineral evaluation

What My Patients Are Saying

"My daughter had seen numerous Doctors over the last year, was hospitalized multiple times, even had her gallbladder removed trying to solve her GI problems. After one meeting with Dr. Gena, she was on a treatment plan that has her back to eating normal food and back to work. Dr. G is what modern medicine should be!" 


Better Health,

Better Life

I started this practice to do for my patients what no one could do for me…give me hope and a real solution to my chronic illness. My training and experience has taught me a better way, and has given me an amazing gift that I’m blessed to share with my patients. A gift of hope and a healthier life.

-Dr. Gena Mastrogianakis, M.D.

Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician
Functional Medicine Specialist
Holistic Practitioner 

Learn more about me Here

You deserve to

live the life you love

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